Love at First Bark

It was a cold, rainy day in Ada, Oklahoma. Two sisters meandered from kennel to kennel raising the tarps in hopes of being rewarded with big puppy eyes and a sloppy wet kiss.

Just before walking away, the pair decided to check the very last kennel. The blue barrier fell away to reveal a fluffy face with a big black tongue.


For Jaylea, it was a special moment.

“The only promise that Riley ( my fiancé) told us we had to make was we wouldn’t leave with another another.”

But, Riley’s resolve didn’t hold up very long. While Jaylea and her sister, Jaycea, tried to grab the dog’s attention, it was clear he was focused on someone else.

“He licked us a few times through the fence, but completely ignored us being down there when he noticed Riley. His was locked in on him, staring deep into Riley’s soul. The look that Chief gave Riley was the best puppy dog eyes that I have ever seen. We did not pick Chief that day Chief picked us!”

From that moment onward, Riley and Jaylea knew a dog named Chief had to be a part of their family. Oddly enough, it seems Chief always knew this as well. Jaylea shared that just six months prior, she had seen a red chow just like Chief running around her neighborhood. Could it have been him?

“I thought absolutely no way could it have been the same dog. I mean, heck, Ada is not tiny; there are a lot of stray animals. Then when I took him to our groomer the groomer said he had seen this exact dog around the west side of the college. That is exactly were I live! I mean, what are the odds? It was kind of like he picked us six months prior.”

As soon as they brought him home, Chief settled in. Little did he know not everyone was so sure it was a match made in doggy heaven.


Chows have a stereotype that follows the breed around. They are often labeled as aggressive, mean dogs. If there’s one thing Jaylea knows about Chief, it’s that this stereotype simply isn’t true.

“He has the sweetest personality. He absolutely loves his new family! He gets along with everyone he meets. Never once has he been aggressive to anything or anyone. His best friend is Poppy, who is a four-pound pomeranian.”

For Jaylea’s family, Chief has been more than a dog. He’s become a family member that teaches them something new every day.

“Chief has taught us not to be so judgmental. Stereotypes are not alway the truth; everyone and everything can be different than you would ever imagine.”

From shelter-dog to full on cuddle-buddy, Chief proves every animal deserves a second glance. It might just be love at first sight.

To help more animals like Chief, please visit the Pontotoc Animal Welfare Society.

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