“All You Need is Love”

Valentine’s Day is all about love. For one tiny kitten, love is just what she needed.

World, meet Valentine.


Two years ago, a rescue worker from the Pontotoc Animal Welfare Society found a kitten living all alone on the streets. She was too young for adoption, so her rescuers nursed her back to health. Once she grew up, however, she struggled to find a home.

She had one of the sweetest and most personable demeanors of all her shelter cat companions. However, she is also a tortle; her dark coat seemed lackluster compared to the calico and tabby cats, which is why she was skimmed over by potential families. She hoped for the day she might be noticed.

After three months of waiting, that day finally came.

When Christine Pappas first met Valentine the kitten went by another name, Ruth. Christine knew rather quickly that she was something special.

“She came to the door of the cage and purred and meowed. We felt like she called us.”

Ruth was adopted on Valentine’s Day, thus her name was changed to match the love her new mommies felt for her.

That love has never stopped, even when the journey from shelter cat to house cat was difficult.

“Rescue animals need love. At first she was very skittish but now she has relaxed. Her safe environment has transformed her.”

Christine describes Valentine as an absolute delight. The once frail kitten gets anything and everything she desires. In fact, her mom tallies her total toy count at around 30.

Valentine gained a new life thanks to her family, but her family has gained something in return. Christine shared her belief in the importance of adopting abandoned and unwanted animals.

“Never rule it out. Go with your heart. You never need to buy a pet because there are so many to adopt.”

Every one needs love, including shelter animals, and Valentine’s life reflects it. She hopes her story will help you find love in a fur-ever friend.


To help more animals like Valentine, please visit the Pontotoc Animal Welfare Society’s website. 

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