Moving Mountains

As a kitten, she found herself lost, alone, and injured in the Arbuckle Mountains.

Today, she has quite the story to tell.

Everyone, meet Beatrice!


Madison Keith found her while working at Falls Creek, the world’s largest youth ministry camp. She had heard about a kitten living under the mobile tower surrounded by a chain link fence, and so she set out to investigate.

“The first day I went up to see her she wouldn’t come out because she was terrified, so I left some milk, walked off, made sure she drank it, and left.”

After three days passed, Madison noticed something was wrong. The smoky, skittish kitten was dragging her back end to and from the milk bowl. She was absolutely defenseless. Madison knew she couldn’t leave her.

After a phone call to her mom and sister, Madison began trying to work her way around the fence. The kitten dashed down the side of a small mountain, but couldn’t make the climb back up due to her paralysis. Madison swooped her up at just the right moment.

Within about five minutes, all the fear and distrust faded away. Madison and the kitten became fast friends.

The day Beatrice was rescued

She sprawled out along her rescuer’s lap, and the two waited together for Madison’s mom and sister to arrive.

Madison’s family took Beatrice to the vet immediately. They discovered she had a fractured spine, so little Beatrice was placed on eight weeks of rest. Her doctors were unsure if she could recover, but – miraculously – she did.

At the time of her rescue, the family was unsure if they would be able to keep her since they already had a house full of rescue kitties. However, when Madison arrived home the following weekend, Beatrice was there waiting for her.

Beatrice’s life is no longer uncertain. She loves cuddling up with her fellow rescue brothers and sisters or snuggling with her rescue mom.

Though Beatrice is the one who was rescued, Madison feels Bea brings something special to her family.

“She definitely changed the house, as she stands up for herself against the boys and made our other girl cat feel more confident in her ability to do so as well. She’s changed my life by giving me another furball to miss and look forward to cuddling and smothering with kisses every time I return home.”

Feeling safe and comfortable has also brought out Bea’s voice.

“My favorite thing about her is that she talks back. If I meow, she meows. It’s actually how I found her exact location those few nights at FC.”

Madison has found joy through opening her heart to animals in need. Though rescuing Beatrice wasn’t easy, she hopes her story can inspire others stay the course.

“Never give up just because they make you work a little to get them, or because you don’t know if they’ll make it. Try harder and save a baby’s life!”

From a broken, terrified kitten to a brave, spunky fur-ever friend, Beatrice reminds us of the power of love.






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  1. Claudio E Harvey says:

    That is really touching! I’m glad Madison and Bea meshed. A change of environment can be scary for many and difficult. It definitely takes patience and commitment but it’s often worth it!


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