Blooming Again

Flowers are fragile things. They wilt in the biting cold and wither in the blazing heat. An entire field of flowers could be destroyed by a strong breeze or a powerful storm.

Daisy, a Pekingese from Texas, knows this better than anyone.

The first seven years of her life were spent locked in a rabbit hutch. She was bound from lounging in summer’s warm grass, rolling in autumn’s leaves, hurdling through winter’s snow banks, and splashing through spring’s pools.

Her puppy years passed her by in a claustrophobic world, and it seemed all hope was lost.

Then, she met Cari Montgomery.

Cari has always loved the Pekingese breed. When she first moved to Texas, her two Pekes accompanied her, and she also became a foster mom to three more little bundles of fur. As the years went by, her foster dogs were adopted and she was left with her fur-ever friend, Buffy.

Cari is originally from Oklahoma, and she could no longer ignore her yearning to be closer to her family. So, she and Buffy packed up their belongings and made the trip north across the Red River.

Cari and Buffy shared three joyful years in her home state before she had to say goodbye. Her heart shattered.

In memory of Buffy, Cari made the decision to open her home and her heart to a new friend. That’s when she found Daisy Mae.

Daisy was residing with a rescue group known as Texas Pekes. When Cari found her, Daisy was in horrible condition from seven long years of abuse and neglect.

“When I got her she was terrified of humans, storms, rain, thunder, and she ate poop.”

For an entire year, Cari struggled to earn Daisy’s trust. All the normal activities that accompany owning a dog just weren’t possible for little Daisy.

“She and I would have to go outside with a harness because of her fear of loud noises.”

Piece by piece, Cari put Daisy’s sense of faith in humans back together, but the road was long and winding.

“I held her every night on the couch, and all the while she pushed away from me. I knew it was her fear.”

Today, Daisy is finally happy. Cari has given her back her life, but Daisy isn’t the only one who gained something.

“Daisy taught me that time heals everything.”

For many people, a dog like Daisy would have seemed like a burden. But, for Cari, she was everything she needed and more. Daisy taught her the importance of love and patience and helped her to put her heart back together after losing Buffy.

Due to the prevalence of irresponsible breeding, there are hundreds if not thousands of animals just like Daisy who need a loving, understanding home.

“Fostering a pet is wonderful, but you have to have extreme love and patience,” Cari said. “Foster animals have been traumatized and need tons of love.”

It is true that flowers are delicate, but, like Daisy, they are also resilient. They push their way through frozen ground and reach upward to the sun. They come back every year no matter the obstacle. They can weather any storm. And that’s just what little Daisy has done.

To help another soul like Daisy’s, please visit your local rescue shelter or Texas Pekes Rescue.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I think that this post is very well-written. It is important for people to realize the dangers of careless breeding. I am so glad that you are finding people and telling their stories along with the animal’s stories.

    This is a really important topic that deserves to be shared and heard. With winter quickly approaching, it is imperative that these little guys have a loving, warm home. I hope that your blog inspires somebody to find their own furry friend!


  2. makdmos says:

    I love this, if i had the money and the space i would adopt every dog i found wondering around or abandoned. I’m glad this little cutie got a new loving home and i hope this gets more people to go and adopt these sweat dogs and give them a home.


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