A little under a two years ago, Mina was living on the streets of New Orleans with the rest of her colony. Mina was a trap-neuter-return animal, so she had virtually no contact with humans outside of her brief stay with a veterinarian after being neutered. Shortly after Mardi Gras, however, her entire life changed.

A good Samaritan found her seriously injured during the celebration. The Louisiana SPCA swept in and offered treatment and care in the hopes little Mina could one day be adopted.

Four months later, Mina found her forever home with Alex Bare.

“When we saw her at Petsmart, she was very quiet and hid from us the entire time. I was able to hold her for a few seconds before she wiggled away to freedom. I knew Mina wasn’t the kind of cat most people looked for in a pet due to her shy nature.”

A native of Oklahoma, Alex believes she found Mina at the right time. This has made their bond something special.

“I went to find a cat when I was feeling really homesick and, in a way, we were both looking for a home. We love sharing nose touches and snuggling during naps.”


Today, Mina’s life is much different than that of a street cat. Instead of the scuttle and bustle of surviving, Mina spends most of her time playing with her best friend Miso, who is also a rescue cat from the SPCA. She has found love and comfort within her family, which has brought out a unique personality.

“My favorite characteristic of Mina’s is her way of communicating. She doesn’t meow like most cats. She chirps almost like a bird. She loves talking back to us and letting us know when she enters a room. We refer to it as ‘chatting.'”

Mina’s story wouldn’t have been possible without her mom. Alex hopes other people will see the value in rescuing an animal.

“I can’t imagine a life without Mina or Miso. They’ve made my life in New Orleans rich and full of love.”


To help more Louisiana cats like Mina, please visit the Louisiana SPCA website.

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